„Yes! I feel so peaceful and happy. I experience a very amazing moment and I 'm thankful for that” Vietnamese 221

„I think that it's crutial for the wellbing of people to have it!" Mauritanian 299

"Thank You!!! this helps me get through the long days here. Thank You for having this please, come to COP25" USA 170

„An absolutly incredible experience with the latest session bringing me into a new dimention of myself a 2.0. Completely ready to face the world with renewed vigour and energy” Swedish 262

„I don't remember the last time when I felt so blisful after the short nap. Genious!” Polish 278

„Next level relaxation and meditation stimulated by the multisensozional method.  I really enjoyed the movement” Italian 244

„Absolutly amazing feeling of relieve, peace and relaxation !” Polish 140

„It was a wonderful exeperience. That gave me peace of mind and clarity of thought. Thank you!” USA 27

"Thank to the naps my concentration and energy increases during the night working sessions" Costa Rica 204

„Love it! Want to come back again!” USA 177

„This schuld be put of negotiations and used before any resolution” Puerto Rico 33

„Wonderful experience!  Very relaxing and recharching!” USA 106

„In a big event like COP24 it is great to have a place like this. Thanks a lot! I feel regenerate :)” Spain 343

„It's my second time have and I wish I could take a nap like this every day. Yesterday it halped me to relive all stress and recharched. I was very calm and peacefull for next few hours.” Polish 345

„Wonderful experience after a long and stressfull morning/afternoon, ready for the night working session” Costa Rica 290

„It was a nice break from the serious pace after travelling for jetlagged.” Indonesian 223

„It was a nice break from the serious pace after travelling for jetlagged.” Indonesian 223

„It's my third time here. I feel very relaxed and calm and at the same time. I feel that I have more energy for the rest of the day.” Polish 353

„I 've enjoyed so much the feeling of calmness. Also, my eyes finally felt rested and refreshed. And even a small session like this helps my high heart rate so much!” Russian 160

„Great idea for such a busy conference” German 182

„Thank You – I have some medical issues and this helps keep me going at the negotiations. Very much appreciated! Come back for next COP please! (we will pay for naps)” Polish 241

„Nice idea for a COP! 49 Peaceful in a intense event!” French 65

„Very good experience and very helpful after long hour journey and travel ( jet lag)” Mongolia 166

„Just the right thing during a hectic conference” German 102

„It was so good to have this calm space during this busy conference!” German 250

„Graet experience and break from the day. I want one at work / school !” USA 312

„It is simply amazing. What wonderful invention. I must have for homes and offices.” China 24

„Must have at home” India 93

„I would like to have one in home and near office” Ecuador 141

„Every office should have this” USA 281

„I had a good rest. I feel connected my own emotions. I feel recharged and ready to fight climate change again :)” Malaysian 300

„Amazing sensation of freshair, amazing smell, great ambiance in general! „ Mexican 308

„Beautiful experience to chill in nature – life condition, in the middle of the city” Polish 90

„It is very necessery to offer such kind of real support to people who live in cities and work hard.” German 265

„I love the smell, the soft light, the tight feeling and moving of the cloth.” Latina 276

„I just love it. I 've been recommending it to everyone. I feel very happy and loved.” Costa Rica 257

„I enjoyed the time of quietness in body and mind” China 43

„A great way to recharge your baterries and get some stress relief” Polish 79

„What a simple magic!” Indian 146

„My back pain released.” Polish 86

„I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The position at my body was perfectly fitted.” Polish 201

„I felt protection and love very deeply” Brazian 258

„Great amazing experience of incredibly fast relax” Polish 203

„Very calming and relaxing experience ( really loved all the details – smells, sounds and the „bed” of course :)” Russia 207

„At the beginning it took me some time to fall asleep but after a while little by little it just dragged me into calm...I really enjoyed the sounds and the nice smells.” Peru 205

„Really good, I am pleased with efects that I have. Really amazing experience.” Polish 226

„Out of this world experience calming and tranquil” China 35

„Great idea for COP negotations” Guatemala 21

„I am really have no words to explain. Thank you so much for this” Pakistan10

„Fantastic idea!” Polish 32

„Love it !” USA 85

„This schuld be put of negotiations and used before any resolution.” Puerto Rico 33

„The concept is amazing and I will promote it when I arrive if is possible.” Indian 69

„Very regenerating, relaxing and stress reliefing moment after /during very busy day. Thank You!” Polish 193

„It is a wonderful experience and very welcoming, peaceful and calm. Definitely recommended for everyone!” Fijan 151

„Wonderful! I needed it so much today. What a wonderful idea. Please bring them to every COP” USA 184

„Best thing in COP24 perfect untill the last detail !” Polish 191

„Really good, I am pleased with efects that I have. Really amazing experience.” Polish 226

„Wonderful experience – thank You for providing this.” USA 230

„It's a very complex experience that Your inner peace back. Thank You!” Polish 354

„I would do this every day, especially in busy weeks like COP. Please spread this idea! People need to take off stress from lives. Napping is the best thing.” Albanian 344

„You feel like flying into the sky. Amazing.” Ecuador 371