A drop in energy?

It is impossible to live in constant stress and rush, because neither the body nor the mind are able to stay in the state of increased activity for a long time.

They need rest.

If we do not rest sufficiently, we use too much energy, and as the hours and days go by, the performance decreases. However, the world in which we live leads to constant competition, so that even if we feel that we need to rest, we can not provide it.


Do you work intensely?

Maybe you think that rest is a waste of time, and skipping breaks makes you more productive and allows you to do a better job. Nothing more wrong. Intensive work without interruptions will prevent you from achieving the best results.

On the contrary - it will make problems such as stress, anxiety and depression appear faster than you think. Maybe instead, you prefer to learn more about the benefits of leisure?

Can you rest?

It is difficult to stop thinking about the worries that constantly flow through your mind. This happens, among other things, because you can not really rest.

Do you remember the day when the phone did not take all of your attention? When was the last time you did something that you really like?

Practicing different relaxation techniques or practicing yoga three times a week will not change anything if you can not give yourself a short moment of peace during the day.

The strength of a small nap

It is writen about virtues of naps nowadays almost everywhere. Research conducted by NASA in 1995 shows that pilots who cut off Power Nap had a faster response time, compared to pilots who did not sleep during the day. Observation of over 24,000 Greeks showed that people who slept 20 minutes a day on average, 3 times a week, reduced the risk of death caused by heart problems by 37%. Power nap brings refreshment, adds energy, improves mood, increases concentration , protects against drowsiness. Regular napping reduces cortisol levels, contributes to lowering blood pressure.

Better decisions

Making decisions is an important part of life because it can take you further or closer to what you care about. When your mind is overflowing, a clear view of the situation is not possible, which makes the analysis of possible options difficult, and you will not feel satisfaction with the outcome of your decision.

A nap during the day will help in getting a fresh look at the case, getting a good distance and making the most accurate decisions at the moment.

Increased creativity

If you need fancy imagination for work, when you lose your inspiration, your work suffers the most. Being stubborn will not help.

You have to relax, do something you like, put the task aside for a moment. You are not wasting time, because when you get back to work, you will not hit the wall that previously grew there.

Everything will come much easier. Nap in Vinci Power Nap scarves, refreshes the mind, reduces the number of mistakes made, stimulates creativity, increases the number of innovative solutions and unconventional ideas.

Better concentration

Vinci Power Nap during work is a cheap and simple method of increasing efficiency, facilitates and increases concentration. Sleep is conducive to memorizing new information.

Rested, refreshed mind will be more willing to take on new challenges, increase energy and vigilance.

Reducing stress

A good rest also reduces your stress level. When you suffer from it, the level of cortisol increases, which has a negative effect on the body, especially if it becomes chronic. Headache, reduced immunity, digestive problems and chronic fatigue are just a few examples.

A regularly taken nap reduces stress levels and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Thanks to that you are healthier, more efficient and involved.

A sense of happiness

When negative thinking patterns disappear from your mind, it begins to release endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness. As a result, you can enjoy what is happening around you and feel greater composure and peace.

If you allow yourself a proper rest, your productivity will increase. You will feel a flow of energy and optimism every day.

You regain the joy of life :)!