Magdalena Filcek

Author and owner of Vinci Power Nap® - Dream's Cafe

Magdalena Filcek - designer, artist, neuroarchitect, scientist, innovator, visionary, honorary employee of NASA and pilot of the hot air balloons.... with First Prize and Grand Prix 2002 from President of Poland for the Best Diploma Project in Poland, many other prizes and patents.

People are calling her:  "The Daughter of Leonardo da Vinci" as all her projects are inspired by the way of thinking da Vinci represented and promoted. Out of all his ideas, she has been especially impressed and deeply moved by all his efforts to help humankind grow and flourish.

She sincerely believe that in the fast-moving world determined by the high technology development, people need increased awareness of their uniqueness and value, so we can all serve the planet and make it a better place to live. In other words, more efficient and creative work of all of us will not be possible without systematic and science-based health prevention and protection. That is why, in addition to her earlier projects combining new technology with deep care for quality of life, she has recently developed a completely new idea of space "VINCI POWER NAP® - Dream’s Cafe" dedicated to people living and working in stressful conditions; yes, such environment has become a new "normal'' these days, and she has found the best way of regenerating, resting, relaxing, recharging and returning to healthy state of mind and body with all the benefits of this innovative author’s system.

She is the author of another global projects changing this world for better and helping to find the solutions for the biggest problems of our civilisation. Her projects created from a combination of art, science and passion have won the highest awards and prizes, most of them are global, supporting people and the environment, based on innovative ideas, published in the best Springer Nature scientific publications, implemented by the largest companies.